A Safe Positive Workplace

A safe, positive workplace is now known to contribute to productivity and business success. Businesses that attract and retain talent also create safe, vibrant workplaces that value learning and creativity.

Yet the demands of modern workplaces can lead to increased frustration and stress, with days lost in sick leave, higher turnover, increasing insurance premiums and even the risk of legal action by employees.

In 2013, Safe Work Australia placed the direct costs of workplace stress to Australian employers at more than $10 billion. At the same time, Medibank estimated the cost as 3.2 days lost, per worker, annually.

On the other hand, in 2014, PricewaterhouseCoopers estimated that every A$1.00 invested in fostering a healthy workplace generates around A$2.30 in benefits for both the employee and firm.

Google, Target, Lend Lease and other smaller professional firms are addressing workplace stress through nurturing positive work cultures and drawing on meditation and yoga to do so. They encourage such contemplative practices as a powerful way to reduce stress and strengthen creative and high-functioning people.

Our experience at Word Map, over the last 25 years, confirms that positive, healthy, work cultures and strong, emotionally intelligent teams deliver value, agility, creativity and productivity. We have developed unique, socially-innovative and productive programs to support.

In 2017, World Health Organisation raised the investment return for cultivating a healthy workplace to US$4 for every US$1 invested, while also reporting that depression and anxiety was costing the global economy US$1 trillion each year in lost productivity

Refresh & De-stress

In a 30-minute break, move, breath, relax, be guided in meditation and transform negative feeling.
Reduce workplace stress and build agile, resilient workers and teams with our practical programs

Self-inquiry for teams

Our Self-inquiry workshops develop emotional agility and resilience through a groundbreaking meditation process for teams that is based on somatic awareness and feeling as a means to lift, enrich and strengthen thinking.

Training and Coaching

We specialise in building 'soft skills' for individuals, teams and C-suites that support healthy and vibrant workplaces