Refresh & De-stress

Our Refresh & De-stress programs care for people at work.

Most of us encounter stress at some point, whether it’s at home or work. It’s part of life. The ability to be resilient, agile and mindful in these situations is what is important. Fortunately, we can help you and your colleagues develop these skills.

In a 30-minute break, once or twice a week, move, breath, relax, be guided in meditation and transform negative feeling.

You can continue your practice by yourself on the other days, or use the free audio replay we provide to participating organisations.

A synopsis of the technique is offered below:


  • Free the body from stressful postural habits with light movement that is easily done in office-wear.
  • Watch how these movements affect the mind and heart.
  • Become present by being aware of your body, mind and heart as you move, which is refreshing in itself.
  • Identify where in your body you feel stress - physical, mental or emotional.
  • Rejuvenate by putting your care and attention on these stressful areas to unlock accumulating stress.
  • Experiment with different ways of moving.

Get present

  • Bring your attention to the 'here and now'.
  • Stop for a moment and check out your present state.
    Inquire into what's going on - body mind and feelings - and notice how this is affecting you.
  • Use focused meditation techniques to develop non-judgemental awareness and detachment from what's going on.
  • The attentive mind becomes clear and, in that space, equanimity can flourish.
  • A focused and strong mind makes productive and compassionate decisions.

Just be

  • Give yourself a break and learn to sit with 'what is'.
  • Acknowledge how you feel, even if that feeling is uncomfortable or frightening.
  • The feeling will pass; for the moment, just feel the feeling.
  • Use different breathing techniques or guided relaxations to dissolve the feeling - calmIing the mind and rejuvenating the heart.
  • Create a space where fact and feeling meet.
  • Accept yourself, just as you are.
  • It's ok to have a bad day

"I have a very hectic home life. The opportunity to break for mindfulness at work is very valuable."
"Great, relaxing break in the day. Totally changes my energy and productivity!"

IT team members, Australia Post