Project Confidence

Our experienced PM practitioners use reliable, practical and independent analysis and strategies to support program leaders, executives and sponsors control and understand their projects. Three interacting forces impact project success - People, Processes and Technology. These can create risks and issues that block the progress of projects within your organisation and with your contractors and vendors.

Word Map uses its long-standing project experience to help you keep the key elements for success in place. We work with you to fill gaps or realign a project. We provide assurance on status reports and deliverables, giving you greater confidence that a project is actually delivering its expected benefits. And, we help you monitor, understand and address actions needed when projects go off plan.

RESCUE - Projects back on track

Up to 70% of projects get in trouble at some point. If your project may be heading in that direction, we can:

  • help you identify underlying causes of project dysfunction, build team resilience & improve performance
  • reset the project (scope, schedule, cost, benefits, team, risks) to reflect any changes
  • develop action plans to resolve issues, and lead/support their resolution
  • ensure your governance is on track

REMEDY – Stay nimble and on purpose

Even with a great start, projects are volatile and don’t always go as well as expected. You can reduce the chance of being “blindsided” by issues, internal or external, with our team of seasoned project executives.

We can help you monitor and maintain a collaborative and smoothly functioning project, tailored to the circumstance and risk of each project:
  • periodic health checks of key success indicators and deliverables
  • project assurance covering people, process and technology
  • targeted deep dive / evaluation of key areas of concern
  • leveragable post-implementation review (PIR)

REFINE – Build success from project kick-off

Unless your project is clearly aligned with your business strategy, and set up in a way that fits your business culture, you begin with a high risk.

We can ensure your projects tick the boxes for a great start:

  • robust business case and financial models
  • well-defined project charter and governance
  • fit-to-purpose delivery method, team structure & capability
  • alignment with the business strategy and direction
  • effective team structure and staffing models – both internally and with vendors

Globally, only about half of all projects finish within original time, budget and scope. Around 30% under-deliver or fail entirely, with consequent budget loss. (PMI survey - 2017). Word Map can support you to do better than this – at the beginning, middle or end of any project.