Transformative Practice

With many years of combined experience and knowledge across diverse industries, organisations and projects, we offer professional services based on our achievement and knowledge. We have watched trends come and go, with some relegated to the dustbin of fads, and others (e.g. risk management) flourishing and becoming essential components to success.

We leverage this combined capacity with Patricia's longstanding work with RMIT's School of Project Management, bringing the most up-to-date and useful research to clients. We decipher academic papers for practical use by project managers and teams as they deal with day-to-day difficulties and seek to advance the strategic direction of their organisations.

Our solutions are structured, practical and based on independent analysis of the real source of difficulties in each organisation. We engage with internal stakeholders, passing on skills and knowlege as we validate options and strategies that deliver benefit, quality and value-for-money.

We have a special interest in:

  • Assessing management trends in a collaborative and complex world.
  • Strategic planning and governance
  • Financial modelling, business cases and business plans
  • Risk management, especially risks arising from team capability and behaviour
  • Integrating change management into project planning and delivery
  • Enriching C-suite and team EQ, resilience, agility and relationship acumen
  • Compliance and project performance reviews, including quality assurance.

We enjoy significant repeat business from longstanding clients – a Big4 firm, State government departments and audit offices, corporations, small firms and not-for profits – who appreciate the breadth of our experience, knowledge and insights.